Water Management

Water tends to be one of the largest expenses for commercial or HOA properties when it comes to landscaping.  Over our 20+ years in the industry, Caretaker Landscape has found that most properties are simply overwatering, and therefore wasting money.  On average, when our crews begin managing the landscaping at a property, we save our clients 20%-30% on their water bills simply through proper water management.  Proper water management can help save money in the following areas:

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Weed control
  • Energy
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Plant and tree replacements

Proper water management also requires consistent monitoring of your sprinkler positioning and output.  We constantly check coverage area and adjust sprinklers accordingly.  Sprinklers can be twisted to reduce waste and improve efficiency.  Our water management team will monitor weather patterns to avoid over or under-watering.

Avoid overwatering

Over-watering not only wastes resources, but can actually be detrimental to your landscape.  Excessive water can wash away expensive fertilizers and pesticides, prevent oxygen from reaching the roots, and promote fungus development.  Below are some proven tips for conserving water and reducing your landscaping expenses as a result.

  • Rain & Wind Sensors – Utilize rain sensors, which delay watering when it rains, and make sure they are working properly.   These sensors can detect when there is adequate water in the soil and are tremendously effective at saving water.  Wind sensors can also be a great tool.  They detect wind speeds and suspend watering to minimize loss.
  • Seasonal Adjustments – You landscaping will have different water needs throughout the year.  During times of rain and cool weather, watering times should be decreased and increase the watering times during times of dry and hot weather.  Adjusting the run times is easy, however, a water management professional will understand the specific needs of the plants and trees on your property.
  • Water Audit – Have a water audit performed by a Certified Professional who can precisely measure the rate and uniformity of water distribution and make adjustments accordingly.  Applying the proper amount of water based on your soil needs and species of plants will result in minimal waste and a healthy landscape.
  • Irrigation System Maintenance – Maximize efficiency by keeping your system in good working condition.  Sprinkler heads need to be frequently adjusted and kept free of vegetation and debris that could interfere with the spray pattern.  Broken, malfunctioning, and leaky parts need to be identified and replaced immediately to minimize waste.
  • Water Correctly – Watering at night or in the early morning hours reduces water loss which could be caused by high temperatures and wind.  Apply only enough water at one time to reach the root zone and give sufficient time between waterings.  This encourages your plants to be more draught tolerant and reduces the likelihood of fungal development.
  • Use Native Plants – Draught tolerant plants require substantially less water and this can drastically impact your water usage and your water bill.  In addition, applying a layer of mulch can help retain moisture and reduce water needs.

Water management, or water conservation, encompasses much more than just driving by a property to see if everything looks okay.  Water management requires constant monitoring by Certified Irrigation Technicians to ensure that your system is running efficiently.  Caretaker Landscape currently has 15 Certified Irrigation Management Technicians on staff who provide constant and frequent monitoring of timers and valves on all of the properties we manage.   Caretaker’s water management team has the certifications and education necessary to perform water audits, which are essential in measuring the efficiency of your irrigation system.  We perform 12 irrigation system audits annually which are included in your monthly maintenance cost.

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