Tree Fertilizing

Trees and shrubs are constantly in need of nutrients to stay healthy especially with our extreme climate changes and with the local pests such as javelinas and beetles. Our plants experience extreme heat and cold with little time to adjust. One thing that you can do to help them stay healthy is to have them fertilized.  Our professional, certified staff offers a variety of products from general, surface granular fertilizers to deep-root tree fertilizers to minimize the harm caused by pests, disease and insects on our trees and shrubs.

We offer pressurized liquid injection into the soil.  This is a better method than dry feed because the nutrient is more readily available and the soil is aerated at the same time.  Basal stem micro-injections is another method we use for an even more immediate result.  A decision will be made depending on your specific needs.

To request a Tree Management or Tree Trimming Proposal, please contact Jason Richard at