Tree Management

Understanding Your Biggest Asset, Your TREES

As one of your community’s biggest assets, understanding your trees’ species, age, health, value and location is paramount to their proper management. It’s impossible to fully manage and budget for this asset without an up to date, full accounting of your urban forest.  Let Caretaker provide you with a low cost, GPS inventory mapping solution to help you realize this enormous community asset.

Caretaker Landscape Tree Crew

Our tree inventory service can provide you with:

  • A color coded, GPS positioning map
  • A list of all the trees in your common areas, by species
  • An individual and total value for the trees on your property
  • A spreadsheet detailing the condition, any concerns, and the recommended maintenance for each individual tree

Our tree inventory service can be used in conjunction with, or separate from our tree trimming service.

Our ISA Certified Arborist team specializes in the art and science of tree care, as specified in the ANSI standards and perfected with years of experience. They are knowledgeable in determining the type of pruning necessary to improve or maintain the long-term health of your trees. They will investigate stressed trees and recommend appropriate corrective action. Further, they will reduce your exposure to liability by identifying safety hazards, such as sightline problems or weak limbs.


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