Landscape Management Testimonials

“Caretaker did a great job and we are very happy to have had you as part of the team. We opted to go with Caretaker on this project even though you were not the lowest number because we felt we would get superior service. I believe that was true and I’m very satisfied with how everything went. In fact, I have Caretaker working on my current project because of your performance at Rinchem.”

-Travis Ürig Ryan Companies US, Inc.

“I just wanted to share this with you and express what an awesome job Antonio and the crew are doing!  Great work needs to be recognized and we can definitely recognize the hard work, pride and diligence that this crew demonstrates!  Thank you!”

-Property Manager

“Yesterday, Joaquin, an employee of Caretaker, came to fix our broken irrigation line, which he did. His name is Joaquin and I would appreciate your passing this message to his manager at Caretaker.  Joaquin was professional and thorough.  Although it had started raining, he nevertheless made sure that he found the broken line (which was buried near a big tree) and fixed it.  As we chatted with him for a moment, he complimented the Caretaker company, saying that it really took care of its employees,  And that made us feel great.So thank you to Caretaker for having such an excellent employee.”

-The Wainwright Family- The Boulders

“I would like to take a moment to share with you the outstanding experience I’ve had with the Caretaker Staff here in the Vistancia community.  The team of Caretakers that maintain the extensive grounds of both Vistancia and Blackstone have exceeded my every expectation of courtesy and professionalism. I would like to recognize the Irrigation Foreman Adrian Payson, who stands out as a model of expert knowledge and experience in the field. He was kind in sharing helpful insight into the extensive irrigation systems that are the lifeline to beauty of our neighborhood and greenways. Mr. Payson sets the highest standard for work performance and is gracious and accommodating to all residents. I am pleased that the Caretaker Staff is lead by such a highly elite and qualified professional.  I would also like to commend the efforts of Angel Ruis-Mendoza, Armando Flores, and their crew mate Joey, whose work ethic and dedication are no less exceptional. The energy and passion they bring to the care of this community is remarkable and they set an example for the entire staff. As a homeowner in the Tapestry community, I take pride in our Caretakers who work tirelessly each and every day to ensure Vistancia earns its place as a Top-Tier Residential Community. I am grateful for their unparalleled efforts and quality performance, please extend my sincerest appreciation to the entire Caretaker staff.

-The Marsh Family- Vistancia

“I was surprised when we arrived this year by the excellent grounds, the grass is greener and the bougainvillea has been cut back.  I have owned my unit since 2000.  Every year I have complained about the overgrown bougainvillea around my unit.  It has always invaded both of my patios with leaves and dead flowers, destroyed the  bedroom window screen and scraped the side of the building with the slightest wind.  I immediately noticed that it had been cut back severely from my unit.  I now get more daylight and can actually see out into the quad!  Kudos to the Landscape Committee and the new grounds keeping contractor.”

-Dick- The Racquet Club at Scottsdale Ranch

“I’m sending this brief e-mail to commend the good work of Santos, one of the Caretaker groundskeeping staff members.  On Thursday, he worked overtime [well past 5:00pm], cutting down trees behind the Clubhouse near tennis court #4. He did an excellent job. I offered to sweep away some of the debris from the sidewalk when he was finished. He refused to let me do so, and swept all the walkways himself.  I’m writing this to acknowledge his outstanding work.  His supervisor at Caretaker is lucky to have an employee with such a good work ethic!”

-John – The Racquet Club at Scottsdale Ranch

“Hello,  I would like to pass on a very appreciative “well done”  to the workers you make Rovey Farms Estates  look good.  I have lived here for 9 years,  and I have never seen the grounds look as good.  Your people do an excellent job.  It is beautiful.  I have met Leo Perez,  a number of times and I assume he is the supervisor of a crew.  He is pleasant, friendly,  and professional. I would like for someone to personally acknowledge to Mr. Perez that his efforts are noticed and appreciated.  Thanks for your most excellent work.”

-Ken K – Rovey Farms Estates

“Thanks for listening to us as a board and taking the extra time to blow the streets and granite areas in the neighborhood, it looks awesome. We appreciate your level of professionalism and your communication. We are so glad we decided to go with Caretaker for our community landscape needs.”

-Board Member –

“Eric is an asset to your company. He made the transition from our former landscaping company to Caretaker a success. I and all the owners are very pleased with the appearance of our property. Eric is a very dedicated employee who never fails to impress us. I trust his judgment on all aspects of landscaping. Sergio and his team do a fine job. Their work is neat, clean and thorough. Overall I feel we made a wise choice in bringing Caretaker on board.”

-Herb B – Landscape Chairman

“We have searched long and hard for a good landscape company to take care of our community. It is a big community in need of a lot of love and care.  Every issue I bring up is resolved in a timely manner.  We are very happy with Caretaker.  I am very proud of what a great man the owner is and we really respect his high level of expectations from his employees.”

-Dawn M – Property Manager

“Pat has always been very responsive to what I need.  I have nothing but good things to say about them and the crews on my tracts. Please let them know I appreciate their hard work and dedication.”

-Maury E – Community Manager

“As usual, we continue to be impressed with our crew.  I’ve been keeping Peter on his toes and walking random areas with him (with no forewarning) every week and have yet to catch him off guard!

Have also met our new(-ish) irrigation tech, Mark, and our new weed tech, Chris.  Chris happened to be out there while I was inspecting on Monday and man, did he cover a lot of territory!”

-Jeanne S – Community Manager

“Pass it along to your team that they are absolutely doing great. The property looks great and everyone is super happy.”

– Doug A – Property Manager

“Once again the property looks AWESOME…. I love the main entrance.  The trees are gorgeous!!!! Thanks for all you do.”

-Michele F – Community Manager

“I want to let you know that I am so pleased with the work your crew is doing in our community.  They are so professional and respond so well to all issues that come up.  It is hard to keep a community looking as good as ours looks with so many trees and shrubs that drop thousands of seed pods.  I am so pleased to see that such care is taken with trimming of bushes and trees.  Please let your crew know that they are doing a really good job and each of them is appreciated very much.”

-Irene D – Community Manager

Water Management Testimonials

“In the past the community has had extremely high water bills because prior landscapers didn’t effectively manage irrigation leaks.  Since Caretaker has taken over managing our irrigation system five months ago the water bills for the community have been significantly lower.  These savings have allowed the community to enhance their neighborhood by redirecting these funds to upgrade monuments and initiate replanting projects.  It’s refreshing to deal with a company that takes such a proactive approach to managing our expenses.   The Board and the community are looking forward to working with Caretaker for many years to come.”

-Kateri – Community Manager

“We can’t thank you enough for your hard work and dedication out at our community. Because of your oversight and water management program, we have seen a significant savings in our water bills, roughly $29,000 in 2009 and an additional $17,000 in 2010. That’s $46,000 in water savings in two years! The money we saved in water we were able to use to trim the trees on our property, aerate our turf and start our process of replenishing our granite areas! Thank you again for all that you do and we look forward to working with you for many years to come!”

– Board of Directors- Coldwater Springs

Construction Management Testimonials

“To everyone from Caretaker that worked on the deep irrigation repair on Elliot a huge thank you.  The crew was very professional, did a great job of explaining the process, and left the area in almost better condition than we started!”

– Judy P- ASU Research Park


Tree Management Testimonials

“I want to thank you both for the assistance in the tree trimming. The final product is truly unbelievable and has made everyone very happy. Please pass along the message to the individuals who conducted the service and let them know how phenomenal of a job they did. Thank you so much and I look forward to continue working with Caretaker.”

– David