Team Building

Caretaker Team Building – Top Golf

Our differentiator is our highly educated and passionate team.  We believe employee retention creates client retention, so our people are the key to our success. We do several things as a company to create passion amongst our team.

Annual Carne Asada Party

Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation lunches give the team an opportunity to eat lunch with all levels of management and hear about company news. Caretaker values each and every employee and uses lunches like this one to thank them, congratulate internal promotions and extend the opportunity to the team to further their education and their career path within the company.

Brokers for Kids Olympiad


We believe in having fun as a team and promoting fun at work. We recruit a team who believes in teamwork and try to foster interaction amongst our team members. We want our team to have fun at work and we encourage interacting amongst the team. Some of the activities we promote are company picnic’s, dinners, ping pong tournaments, sporting events and much more. We also have “bring your dog to work day” every Friday and “bring your children to work day”. We purposefully support and encourage a positive, fun environment at work and believe it helps bring out more passion in our team.



The SWOTT allows for collective discussions and participation from our whole team regarding the vision of the company and the best direction to take to achieve our goals.  Every year we do this we create action on how and what we need to do to continually improve as individuals and as a team.  We are lucky to have created one of the best teams in the industry and the SWOTT allows us to tap into our different experiences to insure our continued success.

In 2012 we were fortunate to have Matt Shaheen to facilitate this process for us. Matt is a partner at Accenture and a successful businessman who has advised companies like Microsoft on how to be more efficient in different segments of their company.