Sustainable Practices – Caretaker’s “Green” Approach

Pueblo at the Boulders

We believe in meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow

Caretaker Sustainable Landscape Management Logo

  • Certified Sustainable Landscape Management Professionals (16 on staff)
  • Valley wide green waste compost site for our green waste
  • Construction waste management & durability planning – we utilize local waste facilities & if possible re-use construction waste   materials
  • We use water-efficient Xeriscaping Principles & our water management practices reduce water usage
  • Smart route mapping – we localize our crews to reduce time spent in traffic & emission loss
  • Consolidated fueling protocol – whereby trucks are fueled individually during off-peak hours, has reduced idle-time at the pump and the associated emission
  • Lowest carbon output power equipment
  • Daily oversite of E.T. (evapotranspiration rate)
  • Flex fuel work vehicles for fleet
  • CDLP (Certified Desert Landscape Professional) for native desert plants
  • Professional horticultural practices for sustainability
  • Soil testing for proper nutrients
  • Mulching mowers for healthier soils
  • 16 SLM’s

One of the leading philosophies in landscape management is Sustainability. A sustainable landscape is a landscape that involves practical, correct landscape installation; “Right plant, right place, installed at the correct depth, in the correct environment”. It also includes efficient water management and conservation methods.

Some of our Sustainable Landscape Practices include continuing education of our Management staff on the latest, and greatest, Plant management strategies. We also include our Irrigation staff on these strategies so they can better manage our irrigation systems. Our Management Staff proposes solutions to the often antiquated, and/or outdated, landscapes we manage. When proposing new plant material, we offer more efficient, lower water using plant material to our clients. We work with our vendors to find the most up-to-date irrigation components that can return water savings to our clients. We also enforce a quality standard with our growers to ensure we get the highest quality nursery stock. Plants that are root-bound, trees with poor taper, and plants that have out-grown their containers are rejected before they can be put in the ground. We have been able to help conserve water resources, experience less vegetation loss, and gain a better sense of involvement within the community by working in partnership with our communities, and by using the some of the above methods. Long term sustainable practices benefit everyone.

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