Olive Tree Spraying

Some olive trees produce a large quantity of olives and these olives are high in oil content and contain a staining pigment. These olive trees, if not sprayed will drop all of their fruit, which can create a significant mess.  Fortunately, there is a relatively inexpensive remedy; have your olive trees sprayed by Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management.  We use only certified spray technicians and spray the olive trees with the best chemical made for this purpose.  We only need to spray your olive trees once annually, typically in February.  The cost per tree depends on the size of the olive trees and the number of olive trees located at the property or community.

Spraying and basal stem micro-injections are used to treat insects (boring, chewing, piercing and sucking), pathogenic diseases (microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria and phytoplasma) and physiogenic diseases (air pollutants, soil toxins and other non-infectious diseases).

To request a Tree Management or Tree Trimming Proposal, please contact Jason Richard at jrichard@caretakerinc.com.

*** Olive Tree Spraying is only available to entire HOA properties and Commercial Properties.  We do not service individual homeowner properties.