Stormwater Management

As part of our commitment to being a total landscape solution for our clients Caretaker Landscape offers full service Stormwater Erosion and Sediment Control. Our crews are well equipped to handle both temporary and permanent BMP installation. Our team provides regular contracted services as well as reactionary service designed to specifically handle emergencies on an as needed basis.

Below is the list of sediment and erosion control services offered by our Environmental Compliance Team:

SWPP Silt Fence

  • Scarifying – Roughing up soil perpendicular to the flow of water to decelerate the flow
  • Grading – Grade to plan while achieving positive drainage and a smooth surface
  • Erosion Control and Management – Controlling the impact of storm water and removing soil and sediment from its intended location
  • Check Dams – Erosion and sediment control, water passes through while the waddles trap the silt and sediment.
  • Biodegradable Blankets – Erosion and sediment control used for stabilizing slopes and flow lines. Also used for stabilizing after seeding.
  • Inlet Protection
  • Accepted Inlet Protection
  • Sweeping and Cleanup
  • Track-Out Management – Used to stop vehicles from carrying soil or mud from the property to the municipal right of way or an adjacent property.
  • Silt Management – Allows water to pass through while keeping the silt from leaving the site
  • Seeding- Soil stabilization
  • Safety fencing and area protection
  • Caretaker Emergency Reactionary Team – Quick response crew assembled for emergency services
  • Flowline Protection – Protects the flow line in curb gutters
  • Heavy Waddles – Used best in areas that have vehicle and equipment traffic

To request a quote on Environmental Compliance services please contact Todd Schneider at 480-797-6784 or

* Please note that our services are not limited to those listed above please contact Todd if you have any questions.