Message From the CEO and Owner

Landscaping is one of the most important investments on your land. Properly installed and maintained, your landscape can help to increase the perceived and real value of your property by improving the aesthetic appeal, reducing energy output, maximizing resources and increasing the long-term sustainability of your landscaping. 

Working closely with our clients and applying our horticultural expertise, the Caretaker team provides solution based services catered specifically to the property or community. 

We can only provide this high level of service by cultivating the best team in the industry. Ten years ago, Caretaker’s executive team was trying to find ways to increase employee retention and engagement. The answer was obvious; education. We understood that education builds passion. The more knowledge one has, the more one wants to share that knowledge. Sharing knowledge builds self-confidence and pride, which we believe builds passion. This passion is the foundation for our company’s success. 

Our corporate culture is fun, empowering and built upon the notion that we are all trying our best to create a company we can all be proud of. We celebrate successes as a team and collectively explore opportunities to learn and grow from failures. We motivate and empower each other. This environment creates a culture for success. It is this culture that we attribute to our incredibly high employee retention rate. Further, we know employee retention is a direct corollary to client retention. We are very proud at the loyalty our clients show to our company. 

We will continue to find ways to make Caretaker a great place to find a thriving career. And in turn, our team will constantly make efforts to improve our service capability and our service deliverables in an attempt to exceed our clients expectations.