April 2012 Newsletter

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April ContestCaretaker Landscape April Newsletter Contest

Name this tree!

The first 5 people who can name the tree above wins a Starbuck’s gift card.

Simply “REPLY” to this newsletter & tell us what kind of tree it is & you win.

Our Green Practices Include:Caretaker Landscape April Newsletter Green

* Green waste compost sites
* Durability Planning
* Water-Efficient Principles
* Smart Route Mapping
* Consolidated Fueling Protocol
* Low Carbon Equipment
* Certified Desert Landscape Professional
* Soil Testing
* Diagnostics & Treatment
* Mulching Movers
* Flex Fuel Vehicles
* Professional Sustainable Practices

Conserving WaterCaretaker Landscape April Newsletter Conserving

With historic water rates increasing, conservation methods play an important role.  Caretaker can be instrumental in managing your community’s natural resources.

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